Next summer, we hope to launch a Global Young Adult Festival, gathering together around 500 young people, between the ages of 18 – 35. Uniting from all over the world, we will address important human issues, through both faith-based and secular lenses, in a fresh and active way. The theme of the event will be Moving Mountains, Reshaping the World. We will celebrate the life-giving beauty of Environmental Sustainability, Economic Justice, Human Rights, and Community, by enacting small miracles to counter injustices in these areas. The event we envision is not just an academic conference or worship experience, but will incorporate these elements and immediate creative action. We want to help young people take a good look at unjust realities and examine how Christian theologies are immediately relevant to them. Then we want to actualize these ideas in real life, walking in the footsteps of Jesus to move mountains in global contexts.

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