This series of nine pieces written by Ian Fraser is unpublished and unedited. Each section below will be published on a weekly basis.

The nine chapters are titled as below:

Introduction - final (965 downloads)  1st July
Gender Disinheritance (1258 downloads)  8th July
Church Disinheritance (863 downloads)  15th July
World Disinheritance (820 downloads)  22nd July
Disinheritance of 'Deviants' (1551 downloads) 29th July
Disinheritance of the Poor (1509 downloads)  5th August
Disinheritance of Saints (935 downloads)  12th August
A Perspective (609 downloads)  19th August
Mammon Rules (746 downloads)  26th August


Ian Fraser is a well known author. His books published by Wild Goose Publications the publishing wing of the Iona Community include Living a CountersignReinventing TheologyA Storehouse of Kingdom ThingsThe Way Ahead and Strange Fire.

He has also been a contributor to many books. He is well respected within the Iona Community and wider circles.

Let us know what you think of the series we are always looking for your comments.

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