‘Courage, Faith  and Cheerfulness’.  75th and 1450th:
is about the meeting of Columba and George MacLeod, who trod the same ground, as it were:

They were both damaged by warfare; their visions arouse as a response to its destructiveness; they both arrived on Iona in mid-life (more or less aged 42 in each case). For neither of them was Iona simply a ‘retreat’, but rather a place from which to get involved in the political and spiritual movements of their day. They encountered, and made changes to what was already there; they both looked beyond their own time, subject to the will of God.

How, therefore, in the ‘thin place’ afforded by Christian Community, and the Communion of Saints, could they not have met?

The film uses puppet and 3d digital animation, live-action, satellite imagery and digital rostrum work, as well as some of the material that was part of the projection art in the 75th anniversary service in Govan Old. The original score is by Pat Livingstone, recorded with live wind instruments, and a deep audio texture of sampled  sounds from the island, the sea, and elsewhere. The recognisable hymn is Trust in God (“Courage, brother!”) by George MacLeod’s grandfather.

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2 Responses to Courage, Faith and Cheerfulness

  1. Maxwell Macleod says:

    Its not many who start their day looking at a video of their Father portrayed in plasticine walking out of the sea to shake hands with St Columba and then having an unusual association with a corncrake a spitfire and a submarine, but I am a huge fan of David and rejoice in his intellect, imagination, Fatherhood and good intention, though don’t think this video shoukd feature too much in your re-branding!
    Very best..MM

    • Pat Bennett says:

      Thanks Maxwell,
      David’s creativity is indeed a thing of wonder and celebration and while I doubt we’d be using this example of it, we’ll certainly be drawing on his wonderful and often unusual photographs of Iona as part of the Capital Appeal campaign. Expect to see them also featuring prominently in this year’s Holy Week and Easter postings on the website and our social media outlets.
      Best Wishes
      Pat Bennett

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