Pearls of Life bracelet

Pearls of Life bracelet

Pearls of Life bracelet
£5.00 ex VAT
Wild Goose Publications

A glass and ceramic bead bracelet handmade in India and purchased through a fair trade company.
Can be used in conjunction with the Pearls of Life book.

To buy the book and bracelet together at a reduced price, go here.

How can a little circle of eighteen pearls make a difference in our frantic lives?

Bishop Martin Lönnebo’s contemporary aid to prayer has a pearl for each kind of occasion. You can carry the pearls with you wherever you go. Keep them in your pocket or bag, or around your wrist like a bracelet. Hold on to a pearl, be still for a moment, and get in touch with your dreams and prayers. Or make a point of setting aside a moment every day for stillness and a conversation with God.




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2 Responses to New – bracelet for Pearls of Life

  1. Jillian Wilkinson says:

    I wonder if you still sell the Swedish Pearls of Life bracelet and booklet? I have had them from you in the past but the webpage is t going on to an order. Thanks

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