Pearls of Life

Pearls of Life

Pearls of Life

For the personal spiritual journey
Martin Lonnebo, Carolina Welin, Carolina Johnasson
Wild Goose Publications

This is a paperback edition of the previous hardback book. The pearls are now sold separately.

You can also buy the book and pearls together as a package for a reduced price.

The Pearls of Life are used by thousands of people today as a contemporary aid to prayer. This book, featuring full-colour photos, describes the meaning of the pearls and how to use them:

  • The God Pearl
  • The Pearls of Silence
  • The I Pearl
  • The Baptism Pearl
  • The Desert Pearl
  • The Serenity Pearl
  • The Love Pearls
  • The Mystery Pearls
  • The Night Pearl
  • The Resurrection Pearl.

In this time of great spiritual longing as well as unprecedented busyness, stress and difficulty in focusing, Swedish bishop Martin Lönnebo has devised the Pearls of Life as a method to help the mind attain a state of stillness, meditation and prayer. In this way, we are drawn back to what is most important in our lives, to our spiritual centre and an experience of God.




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2 Responses to New – Pearls of Life

  1. Jillian Milne says:

    I have purchased the Pearls of Life book through your Iona Community website.
    I am very keen to purchase the actual beads but cannot find a site that allows me to do so. I live in Australia.
    I would be most appreciative if you could give me some guidance in this matter.
    Thank you in advance.
    Peace and Love Jillian

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