The ARMS TRADE brings employment and profit to the UK. We sell weapon systems to almost any nation. Most people in Britain don’t think twice about the real cost.

“Campaign Against Arms Trade”, “Pax Christi” and “The Iona Community” (Google them) already point out the true cost of the suffering and misery most would rather not think about. The main political parties accept the arms trade. The only way to end it is to work for the day when more and more of our friends and neighbours make it known that the arms trade is not morally acceptable.

If this petition comes to reflect much wider concern than the political parties imagine it will be worthwhile. I will inform them of how many are prepared to commit themselves to opposing the sale of weapons for profit.

Are you one of the minority who wants the majority to think this through?  You can help spread the word by forwarding the link below to your friends and signing the petition yourself.
Sincere thanks,
David Ireson
Iona Community Member

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