Message from Nazmi Al-Masri, Islamic University Gaza, in response to the Iona Community Statement on Gaza

“No words in any lexicon could describe my overwhelming feelings and thoughts when I read the points mentioned in both Iona Community Statement on Gaza – 4th Aug and the statement issued by Kairos Britain.

I read both heart touching and mind-stimulating statements after reading another strong statement said by Bishop of Gaza Father Manuel Musallam:

“If they destroy your Mosques raise the call to prayer from our Churches.”

The Bishop said this in response to the Israeli policy of systematic destruction of about 50 mosques and damaging about 130 other mosques.

In fact the points these statements called for represent what the Palestinians suffer and aspire for as one point addressed the source of all evils in Palestine – Occupation:

“Use their influence to address the root causes of this conflict – the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territory and Israel’s blockade of Gaza which together have caused untold suffering to Palestinians for many years.”

Such positive, powerful statements promote lasting interfaith understanding, sustainable tolerance and international cooperation among people of various faiths and cultures.

Thank you for increasing my awareness and for enlightening my consciousness

I send you sincere respect, admiration and love.”

You can also read Dr. Nazmi’s honest and heartfelt article What does it mean to be a Palestinian father?

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