The Scottish Referendum is over. The people have voted in record numbers and it is therefore timely to state the Iona Community’s position as we look to the future. As an organisation, we maintained a neutral position throughout the long period of debate, though many within our membership in Scotland were actively engaged in the respective campaigns.

The debate was passionate and generally respectful. It enabled thousands of ordinary people to share their hopes and fears and to articulate the values they wish to see shape their communities. The campaign has reenergised the body politic in Scotland and has inspired wider debate on poverty, inequality and democratic structures within the United Kingdom.

As a Christian community with an international membership, our values and concerns transcend borders and boundaries. Our passion for social justice, peacemaking and the protection of the environment is both local and global. Much of our work in the past has been about bringing people together from diverse backgrounds to encounter and learn from one another. We will work hard to remain connected to them and to the churches and communities we seek to serve.

We are all interdependent. The Iona Community will continue to develop its work and witness within the British Isles, Europe and the rest of the world.

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One Response to Scottish Referendum Statement

  1. Simon Villette says:

    Thank you for this statement. As someone outside the Scottish franchise I was feeling bereft at the prospect of a break up, with a fear of the fratricide that ultra nationionalism has brought elsewhere.

    There is a huge task ahead of all of us to rise above the seduction of distinction, separation and localism, particularly for those of us located in England.

    For me the Iona Community challenges us all to see the big picture but at the same time to embrace our neighbour and speak for the marginalised. I look forward to continuing with that as a shared enterprise for us all. Separation would have made that infinitely more difficult.

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