Friends, (church leaders, musicians et al.)


Here are some words that Andrew Pratt sent me recently.

I’ve attached the music setting I’ve done or could be sung to STEWARDSHIP.

Use if you feel appropriate…though already the news has moved on…


Pat Livingstone


French shootings


Hopeless to help in this violence, this crisis,

here in the focus of bloodshed and fear,

common humanity binds us together,

love at the centre, not hatred’s veneer.


Muslim and Christian with those unbelieving,

those who are Jewish, we all have a place;

ours is the purpose when those filled with hatred

break down relationships, nullify grace.


Give me your hand, let God’s peace grow between us,

let us rebuild what distrust might destroy.

Now in this moment we’ll make a commitment,

love is the weapon we’ll use and deploy.

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