A week with the Wild Goose Resource Group on Iona,

15-21st July 2017, Iona.

Would you be interested in a week with the Wild Goose Resource Group on change in churches? If so, please read on …

Given that among the primary purposes of Jesus were to call people to repentance (which is a substantial turn-around) and ‘to make all things new’, it is important that people of faith do more than have a knee-jerk reaction to change. It should be a central dynamic in our life.

This is what we will explore during this week together as it affects the worshipping life of a community.

We will draw on and explore what the WGRG have seen and enabled, such as the redesigning of space; solo performer ministries becoming shared endeavours; reluctant assemblies becoming oases of song.

Places for this event on Iona are allocated by WGRG though not on a first-come-first-served basis, but to allow as diverse a group as possible to develop skills for use in local settings. Therefore we use a quota system to try to ensure a spread of nationalities, denominations, ages and interests, and to encourage those who have not visited before.

(We have had lots of lovely interest from the USA, and are now at – in fact, over – capacity for US participants. So, any new US applicants will join a waiting list, and be offered places if there are cancellations.)

Also, we hold back some places until nearer the date, because local people and those who struggle more financially tend to apply closer to the time of the event. For folk in the latter group, some subsidies are available.

More info here: http://www.wildgoose.scot/event/change-without-decay/

email: [email protected]

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