Below is a note of the 2017 service times at the abbey:

9pm Saturday night
1030am Sunday morning
7.30pm every other night except Saturday
9am every morning except Sunday and Friday – Friday is 0810.

Everyone is welcome at these services. 


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4 Responses to 2017 Service times at the Abbey

  1. Linda Malpas says:

    Hi, I’m hoping to come to one of your services during my stay on Mull (we’re here until Saturday Oct 31st).
    As a wheelchair user, please could you let me know if I might face any accessibility issues.
    Many thanks
    Linda Malpas

    • Karen Turner says:

      Hi Linda

      I have asked my colleagues on Iona to respond to this email as they will be in a better place to offer correct information.

      Please let me know if you do not hear from them within a week.


  2. Helen Wosu says:

    Are the services times for the Abbey given above still valid for winter? I am visiting Iona the first week of November 2017 and hope to attend daily services at the Abbey

    • Karen Turner says:

      hi Helen

      I have just updated the Service time for winter.
      Below is a note of the Winter service at the Abbey:
      Until Friday 27th October services are held in the Abbey Church. From Saturday 28th October services will be held in the Michael Chapel.

      Saturday 9.30am Morning Prayer
      Sunday 7.30pm Quiet Time
      Monday 9.30am Morning Prayer
      Tuesday 9.30am Morning Prayer, 7.30pm Service of Prayer for Healing and Laying on of Hands
      Wednesday 9.30am Morning Prayer
      Thursday 9.30am Morning Prayer, 7.30pm Holy Communion or Agape
      Friday 9.30am Morning Prayer

      Everyone is welcome at these services. Please note that at certain times the time and themes may change.  Updated notices will be posted on Iona.

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