27th Oct – 1st Nov 2018

Led by Rev John Bell

This ‘catchy’ title alludes how to how the poetry of the Psalms, which has fascinated people for three millenia, is totally diverse in emotional range, spiritual depth and subject matter. It can be argued that one poem is the source document for original sin, while another suggests that nature is engaging in a cosmic symphony without any need for human direction. 

It is to the diversity of material and to rare species rather than fond favourites that the retreat will be concerned. That will involve some singing, some listening, some silence and not too much entropy (a term which among other things means “a lack of pattern or organisation.”


JOHN BELL is a Resource Worker with The Iona Community, who lectures, preaches and conducts seminars across the denominations.  He is a hymn writer, author and occasional broadcaster, but retains a primary passion for congregational song.  John is based in Glasgow and works with his colleagues in the areas of music, worship and spirituality.

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