22nd-27th October 2018

Led by Professor Ian Bradley

25 years after the publication of his book ‘The Celtic Way’ Ian Bradley reflects on what Celtic Christianity was and is, assessing its contemporary appeal and examining what we can actually say about the Christian life, witness and beliefs of Columba and his contemporaries in the so-called ‘golden age of Celtic Christianity’ between the fifth and seventh centuries.

Going back to the original texts, and building on nearly 30 years of original research and deep thought in this area, Ian Bradley provides a radical re-assessment of the nature of Celtic Christianity which will shock and surprise some of its contemporary devotees. Layers of romantic accretion and wishful thinking are stripped away to reveal a faith that was much more hard-edged and challenging than many have thought. How do we best follow the Celtic way today?

Ian Bradley is Emeritus Professor of Cultural and Spiritual History at St Andrews University. He has written over 40 books, five of them on Celtic Christianity, and is a regular journalist and broadcaster on BBC radio and television. He is currently deeply involved in the promotion of pilgrimage across Scotland and specifically with the development of the Fife Pilgrim Way which is due to be officially open in Spring 2019.

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