With the restrictions on meeting and the closure of churches, Holy Week and Easter are going to be very different for most of us this year. However for those of you who will still be putting together services to offer in different ways we have a great collection of resources all available as downloads for the different days of this most central festival in the Christian Calendar. Much of the material is also suitable for, or can be easily adapted to, use with your household or indeed by yourself if you’re isolating or living alone.

Lenten and Easter Nudges – Thom M Shuman

A programme of suggested Bible readings and short prayers for the whole of Lent and Holy Week that will help you create a few minutes of reflection for each day of this season.

17 pages  




Not For the Faint-Hearted – Kate McIlhagga

Intimate, insightful prayers and poems for the period of Lent and Holy Week, taken from the book The Green Heart of the Snowdrop, by Kate McIlhagga.

25 pages




Palm Sunday  – Dave Broom

A service for the day when Jesus demonstrates what his Kingdom is really about . Taken from the book The Cross in the Marketplace, by Dave Broom.

7 pages



Daily readings for Lent and Holy Week – Thom M Shuman

Reflections for every day of Lent and Holy Week from a much-loved author

72 pages





Lenten Reflections – Rosemary Power

Reflections on various biblical characters – some not so well known – all involved in some way or other with the Passion of Jesus.

41 pages




Jesus is back  – Janet Lees

A selection of resources for Lent and Easter for children and young people, arising from the work of Janet Lees as Chaplain of Silcoates School, Wakefield.

24 pages



To Walk the Way of the Cross  – David Osborne

Prayers of intercession for Palm Sunday

3 pages

£1.75 ex VAT




Lead Me into Life with You  – Thom M Shuman

A short, insightful prayer for each Sunday of Lent and for each day of Holy Week.

7 pages

£2.30 ex VAT




Palm Sunday – Surges of Hope  – Katharine M Preston

A Bible reading, a reflection and a prayer for Palm Sunday, taken from the book The Sun Slowly Rises, by Neil Paynter. Katharine is an ecumenical lay preacher and writer, concentrating on issues of social justice and climate change. 

5 pages

£2.10 ex VAT


Fearful Visits to Gardens  – Alison Swinfen

Eleven poems to reflect on during Passiontide. ‘a sacred time of remembering what it means for a friend, and brother, to be betrayed, to be afraid, to be humiliated, to be falsely accused, to be deserted by those who love him …’





In Light and Love – Peter Millar

Reflections and prayers for Holy Week. Thoughtful and insightful reflections and prayers for each day of Holy Week. 

13 pages.

£2.80 ex VAT



The Very Best Kind of King – Nancy Cocks

An all-age Palm Sunday service including a dialogue between the pebbles on the road that Jesus travelled, an exploration of what it means to be a king, and an opportunity to make a crown of thorns from pipe cleaners.

£2.60 ex VAT




These Are the Friends – Jan Sutch Pickard

A song for Maundy Thursday or Good Friday, to be sung to the tune ‘Waly Waly’.




A Good Friday Liturgy – Jan Sutch Pickard

A moving liturgy for Good Friday, alternating Bible readings and prayers, with some suggested songs. Jan is a former Warden of Iona Abbey.

£2.20 ex VAT




 Stations of the Cross – Pat Bennett and Kerry Davies

14 vignettes in words & pictures to draw people into the Passion narrative. They can be printed or viewed on a computer or mobile device. 

£3.20   https://www.ionabooks.com/stations-of-the-cross-pl10244.html



Good Friday & Holy Saturday  – Jan Sutch Pickard

Two reflections for Good Friday and one for Holy Saturday, taken from the books Out of Iona and We Journey in Hope.

6 pages





Your Life in Us – Peter Millar

Prayers on the seven words from the Cross:  Each of the seven utterances of Jesus from the cross, together with a prayer reflecting on each. Peter is a former Warden of Iona Abbey.

£2.00 ex VAT




Prayers for Holy Week – John Harvey

Prayers for each day of Holy Week, for personal or group use. to help us reflect on the unfolding events of that period and relate them to our own lives. John is a former Leader of the Iona Community.

£2.60 ex VAT




Utterly Staggering  – Richard Skinner

The story of the first Easter as a lyrical ballad. Poet Richard Skinner refashions the Easter story as a lyrical ballad in the tradition of works such as ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’. It provides a different and very readable way of approaching the events of the first Easter.


£3.10 ex VAT



The Last 24 Hours  – Thom M Shuman

A vigil for Good Friday that concentrates the final 24 hours of Jesus into about an hour.

£2.45 ex VAT





Prayers for the Journey to Easter – Elaine Gisbourne

Four substantial meditative prayers for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Elaine Gisbourne is a member of the Iona Community living in Lancaster. She is a physiotherapist, working in a local hospice, as well as a Spiritual Director, Street Pastor and campaigner for world development issues.

£2.20 ex VAT



Rosemary for Remembrance – Trevor Thorn

A meditation and a reflection for Good Friday, a lament for Holy Saturday, and a simple all-age activity for Easter Sunday. Trevor is a Lay Minister and for the last five years has run a blog called ‘The Cross & the Cosmos’, http://crossandcosmos.blogspot.co.uk, with the intention of weaving together themes of beauty, science and faith in poetry and simple image. 



Walking to Emmaus Again  – Sarah Agnew

A dramatic and poetic telling of the road to Emmaus story, for two actors and a narrator. Sarah  is a storyteller, poet and minister in the Uniting Church in Australia, who leads worship, workshops and retreats with people in many places. 

£2.20 ex VAT




Seven Moments  – Stephen J Maunder

A service of prayer and reflection for Good Friday recalling seven moments during the day of the death of Jesus. After each reading, one of seven candles lit at the start of the service is extinguished.

£2.80 ex VAT

Stephen Maunder is a Methodist presbyter who is in ministry in south-east London.



A Story of Love – Ruth Burgess

 Prayers, responses, reflections, blessings for each day of Holy Week, with suggestions for liturgical actions and intercessions. Includes an all-age service for Good Friday with an activity.





Walking in a Wider World  – Peter Millar

Readings, reflections and prayers for each day of Holy Week up to Easter Monday.

Peter Millar is a former Warden of Iona Abbey and the best-selling author of several books, including An Iona Prayer Book, Finding Hope Again and Our Hearts Still Sing.

£2.50 ex VAT




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