Today we begin a new experimental way of sharing our daily office with people whilst Iona is closed to visitors. From Monday to Saturday each week this service of Morning Prayer is said on Iona. Each day follows the same form but with different songs, psalm, reading, and prayer of the day. Over the course of every month we also pray for all the countries of the world, the concerns of the Community and all of its staff and Members; and, over the course of every 3 months we pray by name for all Associate members of the Community.

Gathering restrictions and broadband limitations mean that we cannot livestream services from Iona, so a group of Members and Associates and their families have been working together to produce an interactive form of the morning service.  There will be a different version each day with the appropriate psalms and prayers for the day and with different voices leading and responding.  Different households, isolating together, have done the responses, or the prayers, or the psalms and then these have all been collated.  

For further details and to access today’s service, visit the daily office page 

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2 Responses to Starting today – interactive morning service

  1. Julie Bradshaw says:

    Hi, Looking for Thursday 28th May Daily office
    doesn’t appear to be there.
    I really value this – somehow because of lockdown – hearing other people’s voices becomes a key to feeling included in something.
    Don’t even have last week’s because I must have missed a day.
    Will wait a while and hope!


    • Pat Bennett says:

      Julie – my sincere apologies. I completely forgot to compile and upload this morning’s set of slides last night. Thanks for alerting me to the oversight – they will be up shortly. Whilst we have staff furloughed, there is only myself doing this at present so there was no-one to catch the slip-up and I only realised my error when your message came through. I’m glad that you are finding the morning services a good point of connection and hope that will continue to be the case. Best Wishes. Pat

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