This Sunday (28/06/20) BBC Radio 4’s ‘Sunday Worship’ is led by John Bell, with Alison Adam and Jo Love of the Iona Community, and will reflect on how we might live differently with what we have learned during lockdown. The service will be broadcast on Radio 4 at 08:10 and will then be available shortly afterwards via the BBC website

** You can now also download a copy of the script for the service **

The service will include ‘We Will Meet’ – a new song with words by Hans-Olav Mørk and John Bell and music by John.  Please note that, due to an unfortunate oversight, the version of this which we released a couple of weeks ago had incomplete and incorrect information about the original text on which the song is based.  A new video of the song  and a corrected copy of the text and music can be seen and downloaded below.  If you have the previous version of either we would be very grateful if you would delete this and replace with the  updated version.  Thank you.

'We Will Meet' (Updated)

At present permission is given for ‘We will meet’ to be used in local church worship and non-commercial situations free of charge, but it cannot be copied or published for commercial use without permission of the copyright holders:

Words copyright © 2020 Hans-Olav Moerk and WGRG, c/o Iona Community, Glasgow, Scotland

Music copyright © 2020 WGRG, c/o Iona Community, Glasgow, Scotland

If you hold a licence with CCLI or One License, please report any usage of the song.



This is a song which has clearly struck a chord with many people and if you are interested in learning more about the story behind it you can also download an account of this here:

'We shall meet: the writing'


(Please note that ‘This is God’s World’ – the new Wild Goose CD mentioned in the broadcast – is not yet available. It is due for release later this summer when you will be able to purchase it from the Wild Goose Resource Group website and from Wild Goose Publications.)

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24 Responses to Sunday Worship with John Bell

  1. Catherine Baart says:

    I usually have Sunday worship playing in the background but I really listened to this episode; it was powerful and inspiring taking action.
    Please can you send me the details of the Magnificat set to an Irish dance tune- I would love to hear it again.
    Thank you
    Catherine Baart

    • Pat Bennett says:

      Thanks Catherine – glad you enjoyed it. The Magnificat featured in the broadcast will be on the new Wild Goose CD which is due out later this year. However you can purchase the music directly from GIA via this link

  2. Connie McChesney says:

    Thank you John Bell for an uplifting Sunday worship. Your words, prayers and music were perfect.

  3. Bethan says:

    1) Thank you Iona Community and John Bell, Alison, singers and instumentalists for the inspirational service this morning. Beautifully crafted, music, texts, prayers and reflections
    all served to open the ears of your hearts,and for our spirits to be energised and challenged afresh to remember, and understand, to reflect and to grow, and to recreate a new nreality in the world as we move into our ‘new tomorrow’ Blessings on all who took part.
    2)Thank you for the song ‘We shall meet’and especially thanks for including us in the way that that song came to birth – by including the writer’s tale.
    Additionally, I shall look forward to the new CD AT THE END OF July. Loved the ‘Magnificat’ – where can that version be found.
    love and prayers,


    • Pat Bennett says:

      Thanks for these kind words Bethan – much appreciated. The Magnificant will be on the new CD which is due out later this year. You can also purchase the music from GIA via this link

  4. Thomas Merriam says:

    My wife and I would like a transcript, if possible, of Bishop Bell’s vision of the future, spoken from 25.26 to 29.40 minutes of the broadcast. We feel it is on a par with Martin Luther King’s vision of a better world.

    • Pat Bennett says:

      Dear Thomas, we are planning to get a transcript up on the website in the next day or two so please check back later in the week. Thanks.

      • Pat Bennett says:

        Dear Thomas,
        The transcript for the whole broadcast is now available to download from the page above at the end of the first paragraph. I’ve put the relevant sentence in bold and between ** so that it’s easy to spot.
        Best Wishes,

  5. Ruth Sillar says:

    John’s sermon and the broadcast were being mentioned this morning on the live chat before our own YouTube service was streamed at 10.30am. And that wasn’t prompted by me! I was then asked to find out whether we are able to have a transcript of the sermon and I think that question has been answered above. Very inspiring! Xx

    • Pat Bennett says:

      Glad you enjoyed the broadcast Ruth. The transcript document is just being tidied up and I hope to have it available for a download in the next day or so. Pat

      • Pat Bennett says:

        Hi again Ruth. The transcript for the whole broadcast is now available to download from the page above at the end of the first paragraph. I’ve put the relevant sentence in bold and between ** so that it’s easy to spot.

  6. Rev Jenny Ellis says:

    I so resonated with your talk about your potatoes. Like you, John, I was inspired to grow some potatoes. I was so glad to hear you think of the plants as your ‘fledglings’ as this is how I view mine. Being a hopeless and reluctant gardener, the pride and joy I am finding in my potatoes has surprised me and made me wonder if this were some form of Covid narcosis! Your story this morning assured me I had not taken leave of my senses and reminded me of the wonderful natural world God has entrusted us with. Thank you and bless you.

  7. John Prytherch says:

    May I give huge thanks to John Bell and to all who prepared or took part in yesterday’s service. Everything you do is magnificent but this was utterly amazing. Penitence, praise, power, practical holiness, prophecy and potatoes – what a glorious mix! This was the best service I have ever heard on radio, in my 69+ years! I too loved the Magnificat – I had no idea that the very English tune “Kingsfold” had an Irish origin. I have recommended the service to my friends and fellow ministers here – it is a totally magnificent holy refreshment in these times.
    John Prytherch, Anglican Reader in the Parish of St Wilfrid, Grappenhall, Chester Diocese.

    • Pat Bennett says:

      Thanks for these lovely words John – we are so glad that you enjoyed the service and thank you for sharing it further with your friends and fellow-ministers. I will make sure that your comments (and those of everyone else) are passed on to John and others who were involved in the preparation and delivery of the service.

  8. Katherine Froggatt says:

    Thank you for this service and the ‘We Shall Meet’ song. Is it possible to download the video of the song plus images for use in another on-line church service?

    • Pat Bennett says:

      Hi Katherine,
      If you click on the video you should get a drop down menu which gives you a download option. Alternatively, if you go the video on our youTube channel you can get an embed code and use that to put the video into your online service.

  9. Belinda says:

    Where can I get a copy of John speech on Sunday it was incredible

    • Pat Bennett says:

      Hi Belinda
      The transcript for the whole broadcast is now available to download from the page above at the end of the first paragraph. I’ve put the relevant sentence in bold and between ** so that it’s easy to spot.
      Best Wishes

  10. Hugh says:

    Hi Pat,
    This is lovely and very apt. Clicking the link for the download gives me the sheet music only. We would love to use the video – is that possible? We can report our usage
    Hugh Kidd

    • Pat Bennett says:

      Hi Hugh

      If you right click on the video itself, you should get a dropdown menu which will give you the option to download it. I’ve also just uploaded it to our YouTube channel so if you go to that, you’ll be able to get the embed code and use that as well.

      Hope this helps – but get back to me if you’ve further questions.


  11. Elaine de Villiers says:

    Thank you for this wonderful, inspiring service. What a reminder of the manifesto we share.

  12. […] For this new song written for this time please visit the relevant Iona Community page […]

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