From Pax Christi:

Theme: ‘Creative Solidarity in Common Fragility’    

People of faith all over the world are encouraged to demonstrate the power of prayer with action, which includes the International Day of Peace on 21 September.

The World Council of Churches reminds us, ‘that peace is always a fragile process … The impact of wars, the aftermath of violence, the hatred and the bitterness engraved on souls, social injustices, the compromised future of two peoples and the broken message of three religions in addition to the harmful consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic only accentuate, day after day, this fragility.

In the extremely fragile situation in Palestine and Israel, we still believe in the power of prayer because only the Spirit of God can soften hearts and change attitudes. Prayer does not mean, however, resignation on the part of the people; rather it implies a creative solidarity combining a spiritual reference point and practical action. We need to restructure our response in a compassionate advocacy process undertaken in a spirit of goodwill and impartiality that transcends identity and religious affiliation.

In this era of extreme fragility, creative solidarity is a sign of hope that, through the power of prayer and common action, we can make the restoration of peace and justice in the Holy Land both possible and a lived reality for all people of the region.’ …

World Week for Peace in Palestine & Israel, from Pax Christi

Anemone – sign of life and hope

The flowers of the field –
the poppy, the anemone –
blooming now after the spring rains –
they are different,
but both are as red as blood:

Scattered across hillsides
where settlers’ children play,
cared for by teachers carrying guns;

fragile among the rubble
where bulldozers groan
and fatherless children throw stones;

and, even though the wall is built,
they will still be flowering on both sides,
fragile as human lives –
different, but both red as blood

Poem: by Jan Sutch Pickard (from Between High and Low Water, Wild Goose Publications)

Image below: by Ann Far

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