Autumn at Camas Outdoor Centre 2023

Volunteers and staff stand outside Camas Outdoor Centre

Join us for one or more of these life-giving weeks this Autumn at Camas Outdoor Centre.

This is a great opportunity for individuals to come and experience the joy of Camas. As a previous Camas resident has said, “I think everyone should have a week at Camas”.

Camas is a place of great beauty, ‘off-grid’ and powered by renewable energy, where you can live simply, enjoying the natural rhythms of day and night, the nearness of nature and the warmth of community. An organic garden supplies lots of salads, fruits and vegetables. Seashore, rocks, woodland, and amazing wildlife make Camas a great place to relax and have fun. Accommodation is basic and shared, but the warm welcome from the Camas community and the cosy common room more than make up for it.

Our Thrift and Creative weeks inspire deep thought and deep connection as well as creating space to just be and explore.

Our Autumn work week is full of fun and laughter as well as hard work. It is always rewarding, in terms of what we get done and in the relationships that develop.

Seaweed Collecting at Camas Outdoor Centre
Collecting Seaweed at Camas, C Newell
Relaxing in the polytunnel at Camas Outdoor Centre
Relaxing at Camas, R Wardle
Nurture the Land week at Camas Outdoor Centre
Garden work at Camas, R Wardle
Sea thrift
Sea thrift Iona Community, D Coleman
Kayaking at Camas
Kayaking at Camas, I Cuiral
Creative Week at Camas
Creative Week at Camas, C Newell



Thrift with Kathy Galloway and Christian MacLean
28th August to 2nd September
Led by Kathy Galloway and Christian MacLean

The world is in ecological breakdown and environmental crisis, we need to radically change the way we use the world’s resources if we are to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. Join us for a week living communally at low carbon Camas Outdoor Centre, exploring how we can be more like the resilient thrift , growing on the edges of places and clinging on and thriving in less than ideal circumstances.
We will be guided by Kathy Galloway and Christian MacLean, former leaders of the Iona Community and both seasoned activists. We will look at the choices, the changes and the campaigns we need to make and sharing the communal and personal joys that inspire us on the way to sustainable societies.
We’ll also enjoy Camas community living between the seashore and the woodland, powered by renewables, eating from the organic garden, with time for walking, kayaking, abseiling and wild swimming.

Creative Week at Camas Outdoor Centre
25th to 30th September
Led by Camas Staff

Bring your creative project or your creative side down the track. We will spend time connecting with the incredible natural world around us as inspiration for our chosen creative interest. This week will include nature walks, wild swimming, kayaking, gardening, woodland exploration, solo creative time and time to show and tell. You are welcome whatever your creative interest, be it painting, poetry, music, story-telling or something else entirely. We look forward to sharing a week of simple community living, creative space, outdoor activities, good food, good company and the great outdoors.

Nurture the Land
2nd to 7th October
Led by Camas Staff

Join us for a week of simple community living focussed on putting our wonderful organic garden to bed for the winter. We will ensure she is well fertilised and tucked in for a good rest over winter so she’s ready for spring planting. All while enjoying the garden’s autumn produce lovingly prepared for our shared meals. No previous gardening experience necessary but a willingness to get your hands dirty and an appreciation of warm evenings by the fire will be beneficial.

Work Week
9th to 14th October
Led by Camas Staff

Join us for the last week of the 2023 Camas season. Enjoy Community living with plenty of good food, good company and lots of satisfying work in the outdoors and around our buildings and huts. The week will be spent closing down the Centre for the winter – chopping firewood, painting and fixing things, collecting seaweed for the garden and anything else that might need doing as the nights draw in.

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