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weeWONDERBOX is a collaboration between the Iona Community’s Programme team and the Wild Goose Resource Group, and is a series of face-to-face events, that mainly take place in central Glasgow.

You’ll find details of the current programme here.

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Oct, 2019

The Greening of God

Event Date: Oct 18, 2019

18th-20th Oct, Holland House, Worcs. A review of why ecology and faith were together in the beginning, were torn asunder, and now desperately need to find each other again IF God really loves the world. Many of John Bell’s songs and writings touch on God’s love of what God has made. Holland House too has […]

Revisiting the Psalms

Event Date: Oct 14, 2019

14th-18th October, Scargill House, N Yorks. For some people the Psalms are evocative of what they learned by rote in childhood. Others associate them with particularly poignant events – weddings and funerals. Others yet may regard them as an unnecessary intrusion between the Old Testament and the Epistle when a nice worship song would be […]

Come & See

Event Date: Oct 12, 2019

12-13 October, Christ the King High School, Southport. THE IRENAEUS PROJECT FOR SPIRITUALITY ‘Come & See’ conference 2019 including workshops with John L. Bell: God’s Gift of Diversity – looking at how this theme runs through the scriptures and should run into the Church. Body of Christ or Audience of Strangers – looking at the […]

Community Hymn Sing & Workshop with John Bell

Event Date: Oct 05, 2019

First Congregational Church, Houston, TX, USA. Join us for a weekend of learning, singing, and inspiration with John Bell. Sat 5th Workshop 1.30-4.30pm includes the topics, The imaginative use of limited resources, and Jesus – absent or present in the Church’s song? Sun 6th Hymn Sing 3.00-4.30pm – ‘World-Wide Singing’

A Big Sing for the Missing Jesus

Event Date: Oct 02, 2019

New York Ave Presbyterian Church, Washington DC, USA. What we sing shapes what we believe. This explains why, for many people Jesus is considered to be ‘gentle, meek and mild’; words which are a hangover from Victorian childhood hymns. But little will displace that image as long as we concentrate our song of Jesus on […]

Rich words and vibrant colours: Why not come and explore some poetry on Iona this Autumn?

Event Date: Oct 18, 2019

“So, the world happens twice— once what we see it as, second it legends itself deep, the way it is.” William Stafford Ripening in Wisdom: Elder Poets as Sages for the Harvest of Life 18th – 23rd October 2019 The deep vibrant colours of Iona in Autumn provide the prefect backdrop for exploring the rich […]