Date 2019 Programme What’s going to be happening
25 – 30th March Spring Work Week Come and get Camas up and running for the season ahead. Light the stoves, spruce up the rooms, check roofs are still on sheds, and launch the boat as well as many other tasks. Live and work together as part of a community for the week in this remote and beautiful part of the world. There’ll be time to explore the local area and look up at the stars at night!
8th – 13th April Easter Family Week Spend a week living in community with other families in the remote Camas bay. We’ll be offering a range of outdoor activities as well as trips to the beach and to Iona. There’ll be time to be in the garden, to enjoy good food, play games, or read your book by the sea. (Adults pay according to the rates below, and children under 16 at the concessionary rate of £125)
6th – 11th May May Garden Week A week at Camas getting your hands in the soil! Spend time in the Camas garden helping us set up for the season to come. A mixture of work, rest and play with garden tasks, walks to beaches, option of a day trip, and lots of tea and cake to keep you going!
27th May – 1st June Family Week II A second chance to spend a week with other families at Camas. This week coincides with the English school holidays. We’ll have lots of activities on offer as well as trips to the beach or to Iona. Adults pay according to the rates below, and children under 16 at the concessionary rate of £125
29th July – 3rd August Community Kids and Local Kids This year we are again welcoming community and local kids for a week at Camas. There’ll be outdoor activities, trips to the beach, and time for friendships new and old. Join us for a fun, adventurous and friendly week living in a beautiful place! Ages 13-17
5th-10th August Hebridean Adventure Camp We are super excited to regenerate the legendary ‘Coyote Camp’ here in Scotland.  In nature, there is no better place to discover what you are made of.  What’s the edge of your comfort zone?  What are you passionate about?  What are your gifts?  What’s your capacity to support the needs of others?  How can you transform knowledge and experience into real wisdom that will serve you for the rest of your life?  This week builds confidence, creativity, compassion and grit in a beautiful wilderness camp.  Ages 13-16  
23rd – 28th September Woodland Week We’ve planted over 1,500 trees in our new woodland – a mixture of 13 different native species.  This year we are planning to establish a tree nursery to propagate from local seed sources.  We’ll be out collecting seed, mostly hazel, and setting them up for germination over the winter, as we as tending to our young saplings.  This week will be a mixture of practical tasks and time to rest and refresh.  There’ll be good food and plenty of banter.  
30th September – 5th October October Garden Week Spend a week at Camas helping us with looking after our organic garden. There’ll most likely be seaweed collecting, compost turning, digging ditches, pruning trees and repairing paths, and lots more to suit all abilities. We’ll make plenty of time to explore the local area, eating good food, and spending evenings by the fire.
7th – 12th October Autumn Work Week Come and help us get Camas tidied away for the winter season.  With a variety of jobs from chopping wood, fixing the track and mending broken stuff, there will be a task to suit everyone.  The week is mixed with plenty of free time to explore the local area and beautiful beaches.  
Pricing information for Open Weeks at Camas 2019
It’s really important to us that Camas is open to everyone regardless of financial circumstances. We therefore offer different rates depending of what guests can afford to pay. Your contribution allows Camas to continue to provide a warm, welcoming community in a unique place, to maintain and improve our buildings and land, and support
youth and community groups who love coming here. Please pay what you can.£250 supporter rate – for those who are able to give a bit more

£175 standard rate – for those on average incomes

£125 concessionary rate – for students and those on low incomes (Please ask for an application form.)

If you are unable to afford the concessionary rate please contact us as we want to ensure that no one is excluded from staying at Camas because of their financial situation.

For enquiries and booking information, please contact Carol on [email protected] or phone 01681 700404

Please read our Information sheet for guests coming to Camas