Local Links

General tourist information for Iona – www.welcometoiona.com

General tourist information for Mull – www.holidaymull.co.uk

General tourist information for Oban – www.oban.org.uk

Travel information:

All Scottish public transport is covered by Travel Line http://www.travelinescotland.com/welcome.do

Ferries are all operated by Caledonian Macbraynewww.calmac.co.uk

Train information available from numerous websites, including that of the operator themselves – Scotrail    www.scotrail.co.uk

And National Rail, which covers the whole UK www.nationalrail.co.uk

 Long distance coaches from Glasgow to Oban are operated by Scottish Citylink www.citylink.co.uk and West Coast Motors http://www.westcoastmotors.co.uk

The local buses on Mull are operated by West Coast Motors http://www.westcoastmotors.co.uk

One Response to Local Links

  1. carol phelps says:

    Visited the beautiful Iona recently, popped into the gift shop opposite the restaurant/local bar near the jetty and saw a fabulous cardigan which I’m so sorry I didn’t buy whilst I was there. I’m almost certain the label read ‘Iona Knitwear’, I was rushed on as our ferry was about to depart but I would simply love to know who to contact regarding the knitwear that was on display in that shop. I have contacted the shop but unfortunately I have not had a reply.Thank you very much for taking the time to read my email. Kindest regards Carol Phelps