The abbey

The abbey

The Iona Abbey Centre comprises the buildings that were rebuilt by the founding members of the Iona Community. Built of stone and slate, these were originally the living quarters of the monks and have retained a distinctly monastic feel.  Corridors and staircases link the shared bedrooms with the washrooms, the magnificent Refectory (dining hall), the Abbey Cloisters and the medieval Abbey Church itself.  


Resident guests gather in the ancient Chapter House for formal sessions, relax in the cosy Common Room and have the opportunity to read or reflect in the impressive wood-paneled library overlooking the Sound of Iona. 

The ancient Abbey Church of St Mary is under the care of Historic Environment Scotland who are responsible for the upkeep of the fabric, the grounds and the museum. 

Iona Abbey Church – Service Times


Sunday:                           Communion Service 10.30am

                                          Evening Service 9pm (silent service)

Monday – Saturday:     Morning Service 9am

                                          Afternoon Service 2pm (Justice & Peace)

                                          Evening Service  9pm (Tuesday: Healing, Thursday: Communion)


Unless otherwise advertised, all services will take place in the Abbey Church.