New Woman’s Project in Kenya

Associate Members of the Iona Community, Fridah Waffula and Marksen Masinder in Eldoret, Kenya, are supporting a development of the Saidiana Women Project in March this year.

‘Saidiana Women Project’ has been running since 1995. Having been inspired by their time as volunteers with the Iona Community on Iona, Fridah and Marksen founded the Saidiana Women Project inspired by humanitarian values. They hold the conviction that development work should be community based.

They have realised over time, and believe that Heaven manifests on earth when you choose peace, harmony and joy as the key expressions.

That choosing integrity, grace compassion, honesty and generosity; we make a difference in the world and each quality of unconditional love goes a long way throughout infinity. Through the collaboration with the institutions and individuals, they have been able to touch many deserving lives in their own communities.

Saidiana Women Project seeks new and creative solutions to community challenges and problems; solutions created by people taking their lives into their own hands. Saidiana Women offer a solution against illiteracy, social injustices, poverty and seek appropriate ways on the use of available resources to fight poverty.

On 4th March they will launch a new volunteer programme to support those impacted by drugs and alcoholism. Of the new element of this Project, Frida and Marksen say:

“We are situated in an area where drug and alcoholism rule the day and for a long time have been trying to reach out to these groups for guiding and counselling without much success.

However, the best way to make a difference in this regard is to have a two hour twice weekly session with those who volunteer to attend and finish with a meal for all attendees under Saidiana.

This is a new activity we are launching on the 4th of March this year. Initially we plan to start with groups of between 25 and 50 each session comprising mostly young people both women and men some of them single mothers and fathers who should be rehabilitated to take care of their children.

We hope to have it run for a year then evaluate the situation and results. Kindly pass the same information to our supporters whose prayers will be paramount.”

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