Every year we welcome up to 130 voluntary staff of all ages and many different backgrounds. Their tasks are many and varied, including cooking, housekeeping, working with children, and driving the van. What the staff share is a willingness to join in the common life of hospitality, work, worship and recreation in our residential centres.

We should point out that we do receive more applications than we have places. We try to appoint a balanced staff of different backgrounds, age and nationality. While early applicants are given priority there are often a few last minute vacancies, so a late application may be worthwhile. There are far more places for kitchen assistants, housekeeping assistants, the shop and the maintenance team than there are for Abbey church assistants, children’s workers, craft workers and front office assistants, but where possible, we try to give people the job they list as their first choice.

Life here is BUSY, challenging and not always easy, but over the years thousands of volunteers have found their time here worthwhile, enjoyable and enriching. If you do decide you would like to join us please return the linked application form. We will then acknowledge the form, letting you know the date by which you should hear whether or not we could offer you a placement.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Applications for volunteering can still be considered for 2017, if you are an EU citizen or have a current status that allows you to volunteer in the UK.
No other applications will be considered at this time.

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Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Re application form - Doc version

Re-application form

Volunteering at Camas

We look forward to hearing from you.

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