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TTTSUF Book coverby John L. Bell, CD recorded by the Wild Goose Collective

The phrase of which this title consists comes from the words of Jesus; and it’s a new collection of 21 (longer) songs, the first such from the Wild Goose Resource Group for almost a decade.

As with previous albums, these are not songs written for the ‘Market’, but songs that have done the rounds, been road-tested at home and abroad; and they’ve proved their worth.

Coming from places as far apart as Singapore, Mozambique and Glasgow, the only common thread is in the title. They are songs intended, as the title suggests, to liberate us from limited horizons.

What we sing shapes what we believe –the songs we sing reflect the theology of our times, and theology is always in process because God is always on the move.

Offering a cross section of material for use in public worship, most songs have biblical roots and references; some express exultant praise, others yearning or anger. Some are suited to one season or liturgical act, others are suitable for most Sundays. The 21 songs are also available on CD, recorded by the Wild Goose Collective

BOOK: £10.99 to buy       CD: £11.05 excl. VAT to buy


Liberating the Song of God’s People

singing the unsung DVD imageby John L. Bell
A new DVD resource designed especially music leaders, worship design teams, and pastors seeking the revitalization of worship for the 21st century. It guides the participants’ reflection on the theology of the Church’s song and offers practical techniques on how we can sing and pray together with integrity.

With footage from workshops and worship in both the US UK, the two DVD discs include nine 30-minute video segments and introduce 30 songs from around the globe for congregational or choral use. Along with the downloadable discussion guide the sessions may be utilized individually or as multiday or multi-week sessions.

Note: this DVD is only currently available in NTSC format. Some, though not all, European stand-alone consumer DVD players may be able to read this. Please check your DVD’s capability before purchase. However, it should play without a problem in computer DVD players.
DVD: £37.50 to buy


Collected Scripts From Radio 4’s Thought for The Day – Volume 2

All That Mattersby John L. Bell
This is the second volume of John L. Bell’s ‘Thoughts For The Day’, augmented by three extended essays, ‘Indebting the future’, ‘The love of God and global warming’ and ‘The beast that is in us’.

For seven years, John has been a contributor to Radio 4’s TftD, attempting – as the project demands – to offer a religious perspective on matters of current social and international importance. Sometimes affirming, sometimes controversial but always contemporary, these short reflections represent the prickly interface between faith and politics from the perspective of a Christian believer.
Book: 10.99 to buy