The Iona Community has a long-standing commitment to working with young people from diverse backgrounds. It has the remit to resource and support work with young people connected to the Iona Community and in particular in Glasgow.

Our work is built on our belief in the inherent value of young people; we value difference in people and recognise the right of young people to choose to take part and shape the work to better fit themselves.

We work through building intentional communities of action and reflection. Like the rest of the Iona Community we are committed to creating a world that is inclusive, peaceful, loving, creative and just.

Some of this work happens through groups that meet, and act, together regularly through the year as well as during more specific times of living together, e.g. for a week on Iona.


Youth Team

Our work with young people is currently enabled by Duncan Logie, Hattie Cooper Hockey and Davie Johnstone. The work is also supported by a team of committed volunteers, many of whom have themselves participated in our youth programme.  


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