Beach football at Camas

Beach football at Camas

During the summer there are a variety of weeks on Iona, especially for young people. The annual Youth Festivals welcome young people from all around the world (in particular Sweden, USA, Canada & Mexico) to take part in a week long experience of living in community. The weeks mix fun and reflection, worship and work, laughter and conversation to introduce teens to what it is to live out their faith in a way that is relevant, creative and enjoyable! Camas also spends much of its season working with youth groups across the UK and through the connections the Youth Department builds, works to welcome particular priority groups to the centre on Mull through preparatory work and, in some cases, additional financial subsidy.



13 Responses to Weeks on Iona/Camas

  1. Veronica Lindgren says:

    We would like To Know more about your youth festival . Best regards from Sweden

  2. Andrea Price says:

    Could you please tell me when your Youth Festival takes place and what age groups you are aiming at. I have a small group of 13-17 year old young people here in London and would like to suggest a trip to Iona to them. Fitting it in with English School holidays is the first hurdle.
    Many thanks

  3. We are hoping to come to the Iona Youth Festival in 2016. Have you posted the dates yet?


  4. Susanna says:

    Hi, I am looking at bringing a group over from British Columbia, Canada for the youth festival next year and we are needing to book flights soon. Can you please let me know what the dates of the festival will be for 2016? Thanks!

  5. Joan Morrison says:

    My child went on the bellahouston trip to on a and would love to go again to the youth festival as they only do it till 3rd year which she is in so would I be able to get her into the trip

    • Alex O'Neill says:

      Hi there I have passed your details over to Chris Long([email protected]) and asked him to contact you alternatively, you can send him a quick email about your interest. We are delighted your child enjoyed her time on Iona and hope we can welcome them again.

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