One of the best ways to explore new issues and build community is through living together, even if it is only for a short period of a week. In these times grow in our understanding of ourselves and how we relate to others, and can see better our place in the world.

 Over the summer we run two ‘Youth Festivals’ – summer camps in Scotland which allow young people to meet others from different backgrounds, explore contemporary issues that shape the world and generally have fun in a safe and supported environment.

The ‘Junior Youth Festival’ is for 11-14 yr olds and ‘Youth Fest’ is for those 15-18 yrs old – for more information contact the youth team by email ([email protected]).

We also plan shorter weekend trips around the UK through the spring and autumn to allow the young people within out network to reconnect and catch up.

Part of our work also enables and supports groups of young people to experience life at Camas for a week. Stays at this Centre have more of a focus on adventure and the environment and are a formative part of many youth groups each year. – visit the Camas pages for more information.