First day covers are special illustrated stamps released regularly by the Royal Mail to celebrate and commemorate different events and aspects of life. During his tenure as Postmaster Crawford collected many hundreds of these covers, made all the more special for having been cancelled with the Isle of Iona hand post mark. 

Can’t decide? We have a number of miscellaneous collections, some of these are duplicates of envelopes available below, or appear on postcards Crawford created. If you would like to receive a surprise selection order an ODDJOB and you will receive 4 envelopes with picture stamps featuring the Isle of Iona postmark. Minimum donation £20+p&p

If you would like to purchase any of these unique collections please contact [email protected] with the reference code of all collections you are interested in, the  for instructions on how to pay. Please note, sales are on a first come first served basis and we will do our best to update the website as soon as a sale is made.

Christmas Collection I (XMAS I)

Illustrated First Day Cover of Angels from Christmas 1998

5 sets, with Iona cancel. Minimum donation £50 +P&P:

  • Christmas 1994 Children Nativity Play, designed by Yvonne Gilbert
  • Christmas 1997 Christmas Crackers, designed by John Gorman; five envelopes
  • Christmas 1999 Christians Tale set of four postcards
  • Christmas 2002 
  • Christmas 2007 set of two envelopes

Christmas Collection II (XMAS II)

One of two first day covers featuring half of the Andy Goldsworthy Ice Sculptures for Christmas 2003

Minimum donation for this entire collection is £50 +P&P:

  • Christmas 1992 Stained Glass Windows, designed by Carroll, Dempsey and Thirkell
  • Christmas 1996 The Nativity, designed by Laura Stoddart
  • Christmas 1998 Angels, designed by Irene von Treskow
  • Christmas 2003 Ice Sculptures by Andy Goldsworthy, set of two envelopes
  • Christmas 2005 Madonna and Child; set of two envelopes

Children’s Christmas (XMAS III)

Christmas stamps designed by the author & illustrator of The Snowman, Raymond Briggs, showing some of the hardships Father Christmas might face!

Perfect for a budding stamp collector! Minimum donation for this entire collection is £50 +P&P:

  • Christmas 1993 150th Anniversary of A Christmas Carol, designed by Quentin Blake
  • Christmas 2004 designed by Raymond Briggs, Author of The Snowman
  • Christmas 2006 
  • Christmas 2001 Robins, designed by A Robins and H Brown

Children’s Stories Collection (CB)

Illustrated first day cover from 2006 featuring some of the best loved illustrated characters from Children’s Literature; this collection could be the perfect present for a budding bookworm!

Minimum donation for this entire collection is £65 +P&P:

  • Greeting’s Stamps: Gift Giving (1993) featuring Rupert the Bear, Wind in the Willows, and The Snowman
  • The Story of Beatrix Potter Prestige Booklet (1993)
  • Greeting Stamps: Messages (1994) featuring Dan Dare, Paddington, and Peter Rabbit
  • Tales and Legends: Horror Stories (1997)
  • Enid Blyton (1997)
  • Magical Worlds (1998) featuring: The Hobbit, Through the Looking Glass, and The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
  • Peter Pan (2002)
  • Animal Tales (2006) featuring: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Kipper and Paddington Bear

Sport Collection (Sport)

Illustrated first day cover featuring classic racing cars driven by some of the most successful British drivers of the 20th Century, featuring the Flying Scot Jackie Stewart in his 1973 Tyrrell 006.

Minimum donation for this entire collection is £65 +P&P:

  • Scottish Golf Courses (1994) featuring The Old Course at St Andrews, ‘The Postage Stamp’ at Royal Troon, and The 18th Hole at Muirfield 
  • Rugby League Centenary (1995) featuring Brian Bevan, Jim Sullivan, and Harold Wagstaff
  • European Football Championships (1996)
  • Atlanta Olympics Aerogramme (1996)
  • Atlanta Olympics (1996) three envelopes
  • The friendly Games: 17th Commonwealth Games Celebration (2002)
  • London Olympics 2012 (2005) set of two envelopes
  • England Ashes Victory (2005)
  • FIFA World Cup Winners (2006)
  • Grand Prix Motor Racing (2007) featuring Jackie Stewart, Stirling Moss, and Nigel Mansell

Art Collection (ART)

Minimum donation for this entire collection is £50 +P&P

  • Contemporary Art (1993)
  • Picture Postcards (1994)
  • Greetings stamps – cartoons (1996)
  • Artists’ Tale (1999)
  • Art and Craft (2000)
  • Hats (2001)
  • British Museum (2003) Celebrating 250 years of the British Museum
  • Entente Cordiale (2004)
  • 250th Anniversary of Royal Society of Arts (2004)
  • National Portrait Gallery (2006) featuring Emmeline Pankhurst by Georgina Brackenbury; Dame Cicely Saunders by Catherine Goodman; and Virginia Woolf by George Charles Beresford

Entertainment (LAUGH)            

Minimum donation for this entire collection is £50 +P&P

  • Comedians (1998) Portraits designed by Gerald Scarfe featuring Tommy Cooper, Eric Morecombe, and Les Dawson
  • Notting Hill Carnival (1998)
  • Entertainers’ Tale (1999) featuring Freddie Mercury, Bobby Moore and Charlie Chaplin
  • Punch and Judy (2001)
  • Centenary of The Magic Circle (2005)
  • Sounds of Britain (2006) featuring Bollywood, Blues and Jazz, and Celtic Influences

Military (ARMY)

Minimum donation for this entire collection is £50 +P&P

  • The Civil War 1642-51 (1992) commemorating the 350th anniversary of the English Civil War
  • 50th Anniversary of D-Day (1994)
  • Soldiers’ Tale (1999) featuring Robert the Bruce, and War Graves of the Somme
  • 150th Anniversary of the Crimean War (2004)
  • Trooping the Colour (2005)
  • British Army Uniforms (2007) showing progression of uniforms from English civil war to Kosovo
  • End of the War (2005)
  • Lest We Forget (2006)

Military (MIL)

Minimum donation for this entire collection is £50 +P&P

  • Castles (1992) featuring Edinburgh, Carrickfergus, Windsor, and Caernarfon Castles
  • Scots Guards Aerogramme (1992)
  • Peace and Freedom (1995)
  • Flags and Ensigns miniature sheet (2001) featuring the Jolly Roger
  • Trafalgar (2005) Commemorating the Bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar, featuring scenes from the Panorama by William Heath
  • 50th Anniversary of Castles Definitives (2005) featuring Edinburgh, Carrickfergus, Windsor, and Caernarfon Castles
  • 150th Anniversary of the Victoria Cross (2006) featuring selection of those awarded the VC, including 16 year old Jack Cornwell and Gurkha NCO Agansing Raj
  • Lest We Forget (2007)

British Isles (BRIT)

Minimum donation for this entire collection is £50 +P&P

  • Regional Definitive – Scotland (1993)
  • Northern Ireland Prestige Book (1994)
  • Regional Definitive – Wales (1999)
  • Regional Definitive – Scotland (1999)
  • Regional Definitive – England (2001)
  • A British Journey: Northern Ireland (2004)
  • A British Journey: Wales (2004)
  • A British Journey: England (2006)
  • Celebrating Scotland (2006) featuring St Andrew
  • National Assembly of Wales, Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru (2006)

Science (SCI)

Minimum donation for this entire collection is £50 +P&P

  • Health: Celebrating 50 years of the NHS (1998)
  • Patients’ Tale (1999) featuring developments from vaccinations to IVF
  • Workers’ Tale (1999) featuring landmarks of British industry
  • Scientists’ Tale (1999)
  • World Changers’ Prestige Booklet (1999)
  • Body and Bone (2000) featuring football players in Hampden Park
  • Sound and Vision (2000)
  • Astronomy miniature sheet (2002)

Water (SPLASH)

Minimum donation for this entire collection is £50 +P&P

  • Swans (1993) 600th Anniversary of Abbotsbury Swannery
  • Inland Waterways (1993) Iconic canals designed by Tony Lewery
  • Water and Coast (2000)
  • Pond Life (2001)
  • Coastlines (2002) featuring Broadstairs, St Abb’s Head, and Conwy sand-split
  • Bridges of London (2002) featuring the bridges of London throughout history
  • Beside the Seaside (2007)

Discovery (DISC)

Minimum donation for this entire collection is £50 +P&P

  • Medical Discoveries (1994) featuring ultrasounds, and MRI
  • Inventors’ Tale (1999) featuring representations Alan Turing and James Watt
  • Travellers’ Tale (1999)
  • Centenary of Nobel Prizes (2001)
  • The Secret of Life (2003) 50th Anniversary of Discovery of DNA
  • The Sky at Night (2007)
  • The World of Invention (2007)

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