Camas prices include accommodation; breakfast, lunch, dinner and all programme sessions

Type of week Nights Adult Reduced 4-18 0-3
Standard week 5 nights £295 £147.50 £120 free
Work week 5 nights £200 £100 n/a n/a

Prices shown are inclusive of VAT         Deposit for all bookings: 20% (non-refundable)

We know that some people cannot afford these prices. We encourage groups to raise funds to support their own members. The Iona Community has an access fund to help those resident in the UK who would not otherwise be able to come. Subsidies, including towards cost of travel, may be available. We encourage group leaders or individuals to apply for this via the Camas Coordinator.  We want all people to be able to come to Camas, and will offer what support we can.

We offer a 50% reduction to the following UK residents:

  • students in full time education
  • people whose only income is from state benefits or a state pension
  • people paid beneath the real living wage (£9.50/hour)
  • those who are homeless, a refugee or asylum seeker

We offer a 15% discount to families of four or more. This is included in the prices on our booking system.

If you have a query which is not answered here, please email or call 01681 700367

Please consider donating to the Iona Community Access Fund which allows financially disadvantaged people to stay at Iona Abbey or Camas.

Your gift would help to pay for:

£1,000 A week for a family on Iona
£300 A week for a person on Iona
£200 A week for a child on Iona
£100 A week for a person at Camas
£50 A night on Iona
£25 A night at Camas


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