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The services and resources in the Iona Abbey Worship Book reflect the Iona Community’s commitment to the belief that worship is all that we are and all that we do, both inside and outside the church, with no division into the sacred and the secular. The material draws on many traditions, including the Celtic, and aims to help us to be fully present to God, who is fully present to us – in our neighbour, in the political and social activity of the world around us, and in the very centre and soul of our being.

Each year, thousands of visitors make their way to Iona and many are changed by their time on this small Hebridean island which has been a powerful spiritual centre over the centuries. The Iona Community believes that we are brought to Iona not to be changed into ‘religious’ people, but rather to be made more fully human. Our common life – including our services – is directed to that end.

This new edition of the Iona Abbey Worship Book has been extensively revised and rearranged. About 80% of the text is new material which has been developed by members of the Iona Community since the previous edition.

272 pages

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6 Responses to NEW revised edition Iona Abbey Worship Book

  1. tom roberts says:

    Greetings: Reside in the U.S. and am part of Church start-up. Would like to know to obtain copy(ies) for liturgical use.Thank You

  2. I would like to know more about the book. Does it give an order of service, worship content such as readings etc, specific music suggestions, does it follow the church calendar (which one if so, eg CoE, etc.) and what we would call props– items used to use for illustrations or to set the scene. We are launching an alternative, contemplative service and I wonder if this would fit for us. I have stayed at the abbey and loved the services. Is this the right book for what we are hoping to do??

    Also I would like to get a book of John Bell’s songs with music. Is that available? Thank you for your help!

    • Pat Bennett says:

      Hi Karen-Eve,
      The book has various different forms of service which reflect the weekly pattern of worship we follow in the Abbey rather than following a church calendar. Some of the services have suggestions for readings/actions and for how parts of the service might be done but there are not suggestions for specific music. You can browse a copy of the book here if you want to get a bit of a sense of it.

      there are quite a few books of John and Graham’s hymns and songs so it depends what sort of thing you are looking for. if you head to the WGRG site at you can see what’s available and also listen to samples of the songs – which might help in the decision-making process.

      Hope this helps.
      Best Wishes


  3. Caroline Herring Crespino says:

    hi – I love this worship book so much and want to send it to everyone I love. Are you still mailing them in the midst of coronavirus? To the United States?
    And I’d be grateful if you might recommend any services you’ll be a part of this holy week.
    Will anything at all be filmed from Iona?
    peace and thanks,

    • Pat Bennett says:

      Hi Caroline

      Sorry not to get a reply to you sooner. In answer to the question about the Worship book, Ive checked up with Publications and yes, at the moment we are still mailing out books to the US – and our distributor will continue to do that for as long as it is permitted.

      Because of Covid19 everything has been shut on Iona – including the Abbey, but even had it been open we would not be doing any live-streaming because the broadband there is not currently fast enough to support this. However we did put together a series of videos – one for each Station of the Cross – using images from last year’s procession and voices from folk on the island and you can see all of those here There are also a number of other videos on our Facebook page – two with words from the cross and one from last night with a prayer and extinguishing of candles in the empty Abbey. There will be coming later tonight and on Easter Day – going out principally on our Iona Community Facebook page so do look out for those too. Easter Blessings. Pat

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