Our interactive daily worship is taken from the Iona Abbey Worship Book. From Monday to Saturday each week this service of Morning Prayer is said on Iona. Each day follows the same form but with different voices, songs, psalm, reading, and prayer of the day.

All the words are included so you can join in with those responding. The voices are those of Iona Community Members and Associate Members and their familiesr. A new version will be uploaded each day and in this way you can join with us as we work through our weekly, monthly, and three monthly cycles of psalms and prayer in fellowship with our staff and guests on Iona who continue to share this time of prayer each day.

We are very grateful to Andrew Symon, Karin Schmid, Isabel Sarle and Marvyn Mackay for organising the project and collating the slides, and to many other Members, Associate Members and their families who contributed to making the audio files for the 3 month cycle.

For our daily Prayers and Worship, and more resources, visit our YouTube Channel


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