‘Unknowable we know you’

a short liturgy for the feast of Corpus Christi

‘Invisible we see you…
unknowable we know you…’

from a prayer by George MacLeod


(You could, if you wish, light a candle with each stanza)

Jesus – born as one of us
through the substance of your physical presence
God’s life was revealed;

Jesus – forever with us 
by the mystery of your real presence
our lives are transformed;

Jesus – before and beyond us
within the span of your cosmic presence
all life is sustained.

Jesus – 
may this space
which I now hold here
be suffused
with the deep joy
of your presence

you are invited to keep a time of silence

God, you are without limits
and yet
in grace, 
and out of love,
you choose to confine yourSelf
within the elements of the world   

incarnate flesh
bread and wine
encountered Others –

for only so
can we, who have limits,
meet you and know you,
speak of and show you.

Where I have not always seen you in the world
expand my encountering
that I may more fully know for myself
the reality of your presence.

Where I have not always been you in the world
enlarge my embodying
that I may more fully play my part
in making your presence real.

READING:      Mark 14: 22-25

REFLECTION: Art video podcast on Riemenschneider’s  ‘Altar of the Holy Blood’ from Dr Debbie Lewer of the University of Glasgow 

Podcast for Corpus Christi from St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow.

you are invited to keep a time of silence

Jesus of paradox
so many boundaries meet
and dissolve
in the elemental mystery
of your Body
in all its generous possibilities.
May I recognise and rejoice
in the reality of your presence
however I encounter it
that I too
may be transformed.

as I inhabit 
and engage with
the elements
of my own small life,
may I always be attentive to your presence
wherever it is blessed
and offered

Liturgy © Pat Bennett

The Iona Community 

Photo Detail  of  Riemenschneider’s ‘Altar of the Holy Blood’ By Holger Uwe Schmitt – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,  see here for details

You can download a transcript of today’s podcast here,  and a PDF of  the Corpus Christi liturgy here.

Bodies in Transition Series

This liturgy and podcast were prepared in partnership with St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow and with Dr Debbie Lewer, Senior Lecturer in History of Art at the University of Glasgow. It is the second in a series entitled ‘Bodies in Transition’.  The first podcast – for the Feast of the Visitation can be found here, and with the accompanying liturgy here. The final piece will be for the Feast of the Transfiguration and will be released on the 6th August. 

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