A Time for Peace

We share here an adapted version of the XR Peace statement:

Without action, we face the terrifying possibility of a nuclear war devastating our planet.

The superpowers continue to wage wars that may escalate until they reach the destruction of humanity. The opportunities for peace and real security that arose when Gorbachev dismantled the Warsaw Pact have been squandered with the advancement of NATO up to the borders of Russia. Putin’s invastion of Ukraine was an illegal and aggressive act of war. It provoked a show of NATO strength which has led to a serious and credible nuclear threat. Russian troops must be withdrawn immediately. The UK and other Governments must work for a UN ceasefire, including a call for US and NATO troops also to be withdrawn from the Ukrainian border.

Commitment to stopping arms sales and reducing the military carbon ‘bootprint’ are critical to halting this war machine. We are at the brink of irremediable damage to the climate, even without a nuclear war.

Diplomacy is the only answer to prevent more bloodshed and huge numbers of refugees. Security must be for everyone, negotiated fairly. It will never be achieved through military means. Compassionate human beings can choose to work together, reject warfare and respect international law. This would enable all Governments to focus their undivided attention on solving the climate and biodiversity crisis that is destroying our life support system on this fragile planet.

We rededicate ourselves to prayer and action for peace in our neighbourhoods, globally and through our political systems.

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