Our passion

We are motivated by our shared commitment to Jesus Christ and his proclamation of a just and generous new order; by our own experience of the common life, and by a creative spiritual practice of prayer, song, silence and sacrament.

Our movement

We seek to offer practical support, mutual encouragement, challenge and inspiration to our members, staff and friends in our common task. We are committed to ongoing dialogue and learning and to prayer and action for health.

Our centres

Our centres on Iona and Mull strive to be places of hospitality, sanctuary and challenge, which offer the experience of the common life and exposure to the concerns of the Iona Community to those who live in them and those who visit.

Our publications

We seek in all our publications to inform, to reflect, to inspire and to bring about personal and political transformation. We have a bias to material that is based on practice, and which furthers the task of the Community.

Our environmental values

We strive in our practice for the highest environmental goals. We travel by public transport wherever possible. We are committed to reducing our energy consumption and environmental impact. We actively seek suppliers who share these goals.

Our social values

We deplore social injustice. We respect all our members, staff, guests and partners, irrespective of age, race, gender, religion, sexuality, disability, or health status. We actively campaign for social justice at all levels and have a particular commitment to inclusion of people living in poverty.

Our economic values

We deplore economic injustice. We are committed to the common good, to trade justice and to a critique of economic policies that increase poverty and inequality. We support our work through our own giving and our trading operations. We operate a balanced budget, try to bank and invest ethically and purchase fairly-traded goods. Our residential staff are paid the same, regardless of job. We seek to minimise salary differentials for non-residential staff.


Ours is a common task. Everyone has the opportunity to share in leadership in policy-making and spiritual practice. Our structures are democratic, and we strive for consensus. We give our leaders a mandate to act fast and effectively, but expect them to listen and respect the views of all. In particular, we are committed to extending the full participation of young people, within and beyond our movement.


Our Rule binds us to mutual accountability. We aim to be fully transparent and accountable for our use of money, time and our carbon footprint. Also, we aim to operate within ethical codes of conduct.

Citizenship and partnership

We seek social transformation, and encourage our members to be engaged in civic and political structures at all levels. We actively seek collaboration with all people of goodwill who share our commitment to just and non- violent action, irrespective of nationality, religion or political creed. Working both outside and within military organisations, members are committed to standing against militarism and the arms trade and for mediation and reconciliation founded on justice.

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