Enabling mutually accountable relationships between diverse people locally and globally.

Supporting our membership in living by the Rule of Life through hosting accessible gatherings and events, in-person and online, which strengthen Family Group and Regional structures, the Common Concern Networks and the New Members Programme in order to broaden the inclusivity and diversity of the membership and witness of the Iona Community;

Increasing the voice, visibility and agency of young people in developing programmes in partnership with youth work agencies, and ensuring membership and participation can be accessed by people of all ages.


Harnessing the power of communal action to tackle poverty, seek justice and peace, protect the environment and renew worship.

Equipping people with the spiritual resilience, skills and knowledge they need to be advocates for justice and peace in their own places, modelling radical hospitality in an environmentally sustainable way.

Empowering our publishing arm and our worship renewal teams to inform, inspire and equip for action, people committed to the renewal of worship.


Empowering people to be reflective agents for community transformation.

Establishing Iona Learn as a blended platform offering virtual and in-person programmes of events, courses and qualifications based on the Rule of Life, while developing partnerships with faith and church networks and key learning institutions to ensure relevance and accreditation.

Developing our islands centres as an Iona Community Campus, integrating with the local economy and connecting, including digitally, to a global network of students, trainees and pilgrims.


Building systems to become a financially sustainable and increasingly resilient organisation:

Investing in a long-term, ethical Finance Strategy which offers sustainability, opportunity for growth, health and well-being of all staff, robust evaluation processes, sound governance and appropriate risk assessment.

Developing healthy and sustainable community relationships undergirded by a Communications and Marketing Strategy, encompassing the data system, website, social and print media, public and on-line events and learning material and all management software, ensuring there is clarity of the Community’s key messages.


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