Associates Week 2022: Journeying Together

Associates Week 2022: Journeying Together
15 to 21 October
Led by Caitlin Wakefield and Lesley Thomson

Join Caitlin Wakefield, Membership Manager, for a week exploring our faith journeys and what it means to be an Associate Member.
We will be joined by Lesley Thomson from Trinity College, Glasgow. We will be asking ourselves where we are on our journeys of faith, where the Iona Community is journeying together, and what might be next for us individually and collectively. There will also be plenty of free time for socialising, walking, and contemplating.

Lesley is a fourth year trainee minister with the Scottish College (Congregational and United Reformed) and in final year at Glasgow University, where she is studying for a Bachelor in Divinity. As part of her final year dissertation, Lesley is on placement with the Iona Community, learning and working alongside Caitlin.

Further information and booking:

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