Believing Outside the Box

The last thirty years have confronted us with changed perceptions regarding women, race, ecology, national identity, global connectivity, rogue states. All of these have been the stuff of conversation, but often the churches have lacked a vocabulary with which to engage the faith it professes with the realities that surround us. This workshop, led by

The Celtic Tradition

At one time all of Britain benefitted from the Celtic expression of faith. In 664, the Synod of Whitby began to bring Britain into better conformity with the Rome-centred church life. In more recent years, there has been resurgence of interest in Celtic Spirituality regarding its affection for pilgrimage, its appreciation of the natural order,

Small Faithful Rural Conference

Small Faithful Rural: Authentic Rural Church is an opportunity to share in conversation and workshops focusing on the realities of church contexts that are small, faithful, and rural, organised by a representatives of the Church of England Dioceses of Carlisle, Durham, Newcastle, and Edinburgh. The conference will feature keynote inputs from John Bell and Bishop Helen-Ann

The Women Whom Men Forgot

The great biblical heroes with whom most people are familiar have names like Jacob, Moses, David, Gideon, Samson, Peter, Paul. Curiously not many women appear in the line-up of biblical greats. But they are there, even if their witness does not feature in Sunday morning readings. The hope is that in this retreat we will

The Beatitudes Revisited

Like the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes have such a revered place in Christian faith that in previous centuries some churches had the texts inscribed on their inside walls or interpreted in stained glass. But what do they mean, especially for today? Terms such as ‘the poor in spirit’ or ‘persecuted for righteousness’ sake’, words such

Retreat Association Online Conference 2022

Living with Courage: clasping hands across a divided landscape. Live streamed from the chapel and beautiful surroundings of The Royal Foundation of St Katharine. The 2022 Retreat Conference invites us to discover what it might mean to live with courage in our own context. How might our experience of prayer and retreat lead us across the divisions

The Celtic Past and Our Current Context

The Celtic Spiritual tradition has enjoyed a revival in interest in the past three decades, in no small part due to interest expressed by people in the USA. This lecture will outline the main features of a distinct expression of Christian faith which has weathered over sixteen centuries, and will pay particular attention to the

The Quest for Thin Places

The thirst for intimacy with God, a better understanding of God, a sense of God's presence is a permanent feature of spiritual life. In this regard the question must always be asked as to whether we are looking for God or for a good feeling. The ancient Celts were not sentimentalists, and so regarded prayer,

Bible and Church Music Conference

Gather, Celebrate, Serve - for the last century and the next! 100 years ago, Massanetta Springs' ministry began, as people gathered to be challenged and inspired through preaching and instruction, and to raise voices in song in praise to God. The Bible and Church Music conference is the official mark of the centennial. John Bell

In the Ongoing

A creative week exploring the provision and provisionality in a continually unfolding world. What might our lives and worship be like if instead of striving for permanence and stability, we attend to and celebrate the transient and incomplete? Led by Jo Love of the Wild Goose Resource Group, Carol Marples and Jane Bentley. Reserve a place here. We hope that

Greenbelt Festival

Join the Festival in the beautiful grounds of Boughton House (near Kettering) from 26–29 August 2022 for a long weekend of artistry, activism and belief. John Bell is once again one of the speakers, and this year's theme is Wake Up! After all the uncertainty and anxiety of the last two years, Greenbelt wanted a

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