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Wish you were here postcard with panorama view of Iona

Welcome to the Iona Community at Glastonbury

Sit down space – Quiet shade – Warm fire

We are convinced that communities are not just the stuff of dreams. At their best, they are radical, inclusive spaces where everyone belongs and everyone has the potential to change the world. And that includes you.

Come and take a seat, enjoy the quiet shade or warm yourself at the fire. Our time at Glastonbury will be all the richer with you here.

What is the Iona Community?

The Iona Community is an international, ecumenical Christian movement working for justice and peace, the rebuilding of community and the renewal of worship.

We are now about 280 Members and more than 2,000 Associate Members, Young Adults and Friends across the world. We remain true to our founding vision – sharing common work and community as we pursue justice and peace in our homes, communities and world.

Every day our community, gathered and scattered, remembers aloud that God is with us. We speak these words in Iona Abbey, at our kitchen table, in small groups across the globe, and as we meet in community.

Prayer and reflection inspire us to act for justice and peace in the world. And as a movement for change, we inspire each other to live out our faith wherever we find ourselves.

Wish you were here postcard with panorama view of Iona


Stay with us in our centres on Iona and Mull.
You’ll be warmly welcomed as a day visitor, guest or volunteer.


Pray with our global community.
Whether online or onsite, join us in a pattern of daily worship.


Be part of a global movement.
Together we seek justice and peace, and a progressive renewal of Church.