Volunteer at Iona Abbey in 2024

Steve sorting gloves in the refectory

Volunteer opportunities at Iona Abbey are now open for 2024!

I have just spent three wonderful months working as a volunteer at Iona Abbey with the Iona community. I came here as a guest last July and heard that there was a staff shortage and a need for volunteers.

I was at a particularly low point in my life after the death of my wife, with little motivation and a great sense of loss. I applied to become a volunteer thinking the change might do me good. I’m not sure what I was hoping for but it has been far better than I could have ever imagined.

The support and friendship I have received from staff and fellow volunteers as well as some amazing guests have shown me how wonderful life can be in community. It has been hard work, particularly at the beginning, but very rewarding and making me a lot fitter physically! I have learnt many things about myself and the need for give and take while working with all sorts of different people.  

I have long appreciated the down to earth spirituality of the Iona community, with an emphasis on peace and justice and making faith work in everyday situations. The daily times of prayer and worship morning and evening have been really inspiring, uplifting and always thought-provoking. 

Volunteering on Iona has been just the right thing for me at the right time and I am already planning to come back and also tell others of my experience. I have also become an Associate of the Iona Community so that I can deepen my links with the community and its work. 

Steve, Housekeeping Volunteer, November 2022 

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