The Iona Community, as a radical movement and organisation, is committed to living out the Christian faith in the areas justice and peace. We reflect and act together, engaging locally, nationally and internationally in political life and the life of our churches and faith communities.

Members, Associate Members and Young Adult Group Members meet together and support one another through the following Common Concern Networks listed below.

If you would like to join in these conversations visit our membership page and see if becoming a Friend or Associate of the Iona Community is right for you.

    • Environment

      The Common Concern Network focussing on the environment is an international group with broad interests and experiences lived at the intersect of faith and environment. Members of this CCN  seek to give agency to the Iona Community Rule to act in solidarity with victims of environmental injustice, to support structural change in our own countries to reduce resource consumption, and to rekindle community with the Whole Creation. In all of this, network members are committed to showing mercy, seeking justice and walking humbly. 

    • Faith and Spirituality

      Our experience of worshipping together transforms our understanding of how we relate to God, the world, and one another – through practices of prayer, through new ways of reading scripture, and through radical hospitality. From the start of our life, the renewal of worship has been one of our core aims. This network focusses on five threads: Exploring Spirituality: what this means and how we do it. Deepening faith: practices, traditions and our experience. Godtalk: how do we talk about faith or explore doubt in our modern context? Faith in action: how is spirituality active as well as contemplative? And Being on The Edge: feeling out of place in the current spiritual landscape. Jesus said: every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like the master of a household who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old (Matthew 13: 52).

    • Israel/Palestine

      The Iona Community has a strong and long-standing commitment, through prayer, protest and the active engagement of many members, to seeking peace and justice for all in Israel/Palestine. The CCN prays together, shares updates on developments and campaigns, leads occasional events, and offers support to those seeking to act on the Iona Community’s statement of 2017. We are also strongly connected to Sabeel Kairos.

    • LGBTQ+

      The LGBTQ+ Common Concern Network will enable us encourage, inform and challenge each other, our Community and the world with regard to justice and peace, wholeness and reconciliation, for those who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Questioning and all others who identify with the LGBTQ+ umbrella. If you are interested in LGBTQ+ social justice, please join us. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can move forward together. May we find new ways to touch the lives of all.

    • Migration and Refugees

      The CCN on migration is for people who are concerned with issues to do with migration and particularly forced migration. The current members are focused on the reception of refugees cross Europe and particularly in the UK but we welcome members with other interests in the area. Some of us are very involved with work with or on behalf of refugees, others are more concerned with sharing and communicating this concern across the wider Iona Community. We welcome new members of the network.

    • Poverty and Inequality

      The members of the Poverty and Inequality Common Concern Network are passionate about the Iona Community’s commitment to promote just social, political and economic structures in the UK and worldwide.  We share information on the issues that concern us and on campaigns and actions that we support. We plan to meet once a month to hear a speaker and have an in-depth discussion of a particular issue.

    • Reconciliation, Peace and Disarmament

      The Iona community has a long-standing commitment to pacifism and action for peace and reconciliation. There is the potential to have small groups focussing on any or all of these areas. If you are part of the Iona Community movement, and have experience, skills or interest in reconciliation, peace-making or disarmament and would appreciate contact and cooperation with other people with similar interests and involvement, please register and make this into the kind of forum we want it to be!


We actively and urgently seek to work in partnership with all people of goodwill who share our commitment to just and non-violent action, irrespective of nationality, religion or political creed.

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