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weeWONDERBOX is a collaboration between the Iona Community’s Programme team and the Wild Goose Resource Group, and is a series of face-to-face events, that mainly take place in central Glasgow.
You’ll find details of the 2018-19 Programme here.



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Aug, 2018

Greenbelt Festival

Event Date: Aug 24, 2018

24th-27th August. The Northern Lights partnership venue at Greenbelt 2018 will feature The Iona Community, Wild Goose Resource Group and Church Action on Poverty (CAP).

Sep, 2018

Gifts from the Globe

Event Date: Sep 17, 2018

17th-21st September Hacienda Los Olivos, Granada, Spain. Asia, Africa and South America have great spiritual gifts and insights to offer, in poetry, theology, worship traditions and song – some of which we will share in this retreat led by John Bell.

A Life in a Comma

Event Date: Sep 29, 2018

A Life in a Comma / Hidden Humour in Holy Scripture. At St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Zürich, John Bell will explore the hidden, the forgotten, the humorous and other exoticisms in the bible and in aspects of Jesus’ life and ministry. To book, contact the church office, [email protected] or 044 252 6024. Cost CHF 40.

Oct, 2018

2018 Beach Lecture in Bridge Building

Event Date: Oct 09, 2018

The Centre for the Study of Religious and Cultural Diversity, Newbold College, Bracknell, has invited John Bell to give the endowed annual lecture on the topic of Music in Worship – Ecumenical Bridge Builder or Barrier.

Big Sing

Event Date: Oct 10, 2018

7.30pm, St. Andrew’s Church, Caversham. This is not an event for specialists, but an occasion when all of God’s people can fulfil their obligation to sing God a new song, even if some of them use old tunes. Led by John Bell.

The Bible for the People

Event Date: Oct 13, 2018

Douglas, Isle of Man. The Bible for the People / Strands of Celtic Spirituality – John Bell will engage with Scripture and explore insights for living and believing in these two sessions, as part of the Island Spirituality Network 2018 programme.

Singing Our Way Into & Out of Belief

Event Date: Oct 23, 2018

John Bell will deliver the Donald Gorrie Lecture for 2018 at St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church, Edinburgh. “What we sing is what we end up believing, irrespective of the calibre of pulpit oratory we experience. In this lecture, we reflect on how songs, traditional and contemporary, shape popular theology.”