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Change Without Decay

15 July 2017 - 21 July 2017

Four coloured, metal moulds (in yellow, light red and light blue), set on a green background, above which are blue leaves

A week with the Wild Goose Resource Group on Iona

For many people in churches, change is a no-go area, a source of stress and the cause of major disagreement.Yet change is the central dynamic of the Christian faith: Jesus both changes people and in the resurrection moves from being a corpse to a living body.

For many people (especially in the churches) mention of change evokes an immediate negative reaction. Some have put that down to the couplet in verse two of Abide With Me:

Change and decay in all around I see;
Oh thou who changest not, abide with me.

Given that among the primary purposes of Jesus were to call people to repentance (which is a substantial turn-around) and ‘to make all things new’, it is important that people of faith do more than have a knee-jerk reaction to change. It should be a central dynamic in our life.

This is what we will explore together as it affects the worshipping life of a community.

The Wild Goose Resource Group will draw on and explore what we have seen and enabled, such as the redesigning of space; solo performer ministries becoming shared endeavours; reluctant assemblies becoming oases of song.

The Wild Goose Resource Group has a long history of working with local churches in developing different approaches to congregational song, corporate sharing of scripture, lay leadership in worship and the re-structuring of places of worship to meet the challenges of the world today. They will draw on examples of good practice in Scotland, the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

If, after this week, you go away unchanged, ask for your money back.

To apply, please contact the Wild Goose Resource Group at the address below.



Application forms are available from WGRG at the address below. Please the send completed forms as soon as possible to:

The Administrator,
Wild Goose Resource Group/ WGRG, c/o The Iona Community,
21 Carlton Court, Glasgow , G5 9JP, Scotland.
Tel: 0141 429 7281
E: wildgoose@wildgoose.scot

Applications will be dealt with initially by the Wild Goose Resource Group in Glasgow. Places will be allocated to allow as diverse a group as possible to develop skills for use in local congregations, not on a first-come-first-served basis. (In previous years there has also been a waiting list for this event.)

When we allocate places, the WGRG office in Glasgow will send you a booking form. At that time, we will require a £50 deposit – to be sent with the booking form to the island booking office, not to Glasgow.

Please send no money until we advise you to do so.


The Wild Goose Resource Group

… are John Bell, Jo Love and Graham Maule.

Over the past twenty-five years, the Resource Group has enabled, discussed, learned and argued about public worship throughout UK and further afield.

Under the auspices of the Iona Community, the Group works across the denominational spectrum in the fields of music & worship.

The Group are completed and more than excellently supported by Administrator Gail Ullrich and Sales Administrator Kirsty Campbell.


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