Holy Week – Silent Saturday

Holy Saturday

Help me to see you, Jesus,

in every Good Friday:

asleep in the doorway of a shop,

signing on at the Job Centre,

queuing at the food bank.

Help me to see your suffering,

to wait at the foot of the cross.

Help me to see you, Jesus,

in moments of Sunday joy:

breakfast for the hungry,

the kindness of strangers,

justice for the oppressed.

Help me to see the signs

of your Kingdom breaking in.

Help me to love you, Jesus,

in this ordinary day:

not in helplessness at Friday’s sorrow

or wrapped up in Sunday’s joy.

But in the everyday Saturday world.

Help me to build your Kingdom.

Send me to feed your sheep.

Marie Pattison, from The Sun Slowly Rises: Readings, reflections and prayers for Holy Week, Neil Paynter (Ed), Wild Goose Publications

Download available here.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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