Iona Community at the World Council of Churches Assembly

Attendees at the WCC Assembly hold the conference flag in front of Karlsruhe palace

Iona Community at the 11th World Council of Churches Assembly

Iona Community members, associates, friends and staff from across the world attended the Assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC) in Germany in September.

The Assembly theme, Christ’s love moves to reconciliation and unity, was a wonderful prompt to consider the Community’s vision of a just and peaceful world in which all of life can flourish.

Transcripts of statements and speeches on peace and justice issues, as well as Assembly bible studies are available on the WCC website. You can also watch recordings of some of the plenary meetings.

Leanne Clelland, Communications Manager, attended the Assembly as an observer. She said, “It was a delight to meet with our global community to share stories of peace building, community, and to worship together. Many thanks to those from Cuba, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands who shared their stories.”

Associate Member, Iain McLarty, worked with the WCC before and during the Assembly as a musician. Iain and the team of international musicians and singers led beautiful moments of worship throughout the conference. You can watch the Opening Prayer below.


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