Lent Week 1 – Be our way, our truth, our life

Be our way, our truth, our life 


Lord Jesus, 

desert dweller, 

help us now, 

at this time of Lent, 

to accompany you. 


If we have grown soft, 

cushioning our lives 

with excuses, 

expose us to the toughness 

of your way. 


If we have grown lazy, 

cushioning our minds 

with easy, thin thoughts, 

expose us to the rigour 

of your truth. 


If we have grown comfortable, 

cushioning our living 

with satisfaction and success, 

expose us to the challenge 

of your life. 

As we walk, 

God, be our way.  

As we learn, 

God, be our truth 

As we grow 

God, be our life. 

We pray in Jesus’ name. AMEN 


John Harvey, from Eggs and Ashes, Ruth Burgess, Chris Polhill (Eds), Wild Goose Publications 


Book available here.


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