Mac House December Update

Mac House Team 2022

Hello and Welcome to the Mac House Blog!

So, what exactly is the Mac House? (you may have seen our recent article in previous e-coracle editions but in case you haven’t here’s a quick recap)

Myself (Eilidh), Emma, Cat and Davie met this season at Camas. We’ve lived together, worked together, ran outdoor sessions as a team and spent lots and lots and lots of time doing dishes together. Through this we discovered we had a shared passion for community life and loved that Camas not only allowed us to pursue our interests in youth work and the outdoors, but also to become part of a huge (slightly dysfunctional) family of 14 wonderful people, 2 adorable and chaotic little ones and our favourite grumpy dog, Ralph.

Camas Team 2022
The Camas Team 2022

Therefore, when an opportunity from the Iona Community arose to trial Camas/Iona styles of community living in urban areas such as Glasgow (where we’re currently based) we all jumped at the chance. So, from November to March we’ll be living in Maryhill between 2 flats (named Fin and Sandy) working to help support local churches and continue Camas and Iona winter work while living together as an intentional community.

You may have seen our faces round and about the Isle of Mull, but just in case you haven’t, let us formally introduce ourselves:

Eilidh McMillan with a cow
E McMillan 2022

Hi I’m Eilidh, I’ve been a youth worker in Glasgow for the last 5 years before volunteering at Camas over the summer (where I got to live in my fabulous shed!). I’m obsessed with anything sunflower or Vincent Van Gogh related, always up for a sing song and dance around the kitchen, and have a passion for exploring different parts of Scotland and embracing the freezing cold water on wild swims (or more likely toe-dunking excursions).





Emma with a Christmas Tree
E McMillan 2

Hey, I’m Emma. I am loving the experience of living in Glasgow for the first time and enjoying the excitement of advent with friends I met only 8 months ago after moving away from my home in Leeds where I would teach ballet classes to young children. During my time on Mull I have come to love the island life, adding that to the list of my favourite things which include: ballet, art, crocs and Christmas trees!





Cat Muckart
C Muckart 2022

Hey I’m Cat, one of the activity workers at Camas and one of the Mac House folks based in Glasgow over the winter. I’ve been really enjoying getting to know people in Maryhill and generally making myself useful. I’m happiest in or around the sea and I’m a keen cyclist, reader and writer, although not all at the same time!





Davie Johnstone
D Johnston 2022

My name’s Davie. I’m the mental health and wellbeing worker up at Camas but over the winter I’m living in Maryhill as part of the Mac House group, helping out with community projects and bits and bobs in Maryhill and Milton. I love to bake, climb, kayak and cycle and am really enjoying how often getting to work means a cycle along the canal at the moment.




Over the last 6 weeks, we’ve set up our 2 flats in Maryhill, attend advent services (shout out to Emma who was lead angel last week), got involved in Tai Chi classes, had lots of cups of tea paired with some great chat from members of our local community, helped facilitate a poetry writing event, worked alongside the local primary school to host litter picks, visited foodbanks and warm welcomes, and listened to tots play with tambourines.

We’ve also spent time together attending the local choir’s concert, went site seeing around Glasgow, enjoyed watching the ballet, had lots of Camas friends and family come to visit our new digs and started getting into the festive spirit by helping out at a youth groups xmas party and decorated our first flat Christmas tree (hello dehydrated oranges and homemade felt decorations!)

Mac House Team 2022
E McMillan 2022

The last few weeks have been great chance for us to get to know and spend time with the people in our area and we’re very excited to see what the new year brings. Lookout for our blog posts throughout the year to see updates on what we’ve been up to, but equally if you’d liked to find out a bit more about us and the project feel free to get in touch!

Happy holidays and all the best for the New year

Eilidh McMillan

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