MacHouse January Update

Camas reflective activity

Hello all! I hope you had a fun and restful festive period.

Since Christmas we have been able to find a lot more routine in the work we do. Having attended groups regularly over the last few months we’ve built on existing relationships and connections throughout the area and have been delighted to feel more settled in the community and the projects we’re working with. Recently we’ve made some new friends at the mother and toddler groups, supported the Boys Brigade in their weekly Wednesday club, attended Sunday services and warm-welcome drop-ins and even taken part in Tai Chi classes held at Possilpark church by the local minister! Every day still feels like an adventure.

In the busyness and rush of the MacHouse lifestyle it can be difficult to find time to put aside for reflection. We are used to dedicating time for this at Camas, time to open up discussions that challenge our own opinions and beliefs, creating positive change. By dedicating time for this at Camas, it becomes a huge part of the way we live, continuing the long standing tradition of using reflective activity as an opportunity to bring everyone together to begin and end each day.  

The new year comes with opportunities for reflection and resolutions. As a team we are now aiming to make time in our busy schedule to discuss and review our weeks and also share a weekly Camas style reflection. Examples of these reflections include circles of gratitude – where we create space to reflect on the skills, qualities or acts of kindness that have been shown towards us throughout the week by one another. This not only allows us to encourage and show gratitude to our peers but also hear kind words spoken about ourselves. This often ends in a group hug or a happy cry, depending on the week! Another reflection included a discussion on the importance of sourcing good, healthy food from sustainable and ethical suppliers. As a result we’ve been trialling a fruit and veg box from Locavore which has not only encouraged us to continue to cook with fresh, hearty ingredients but also fits in line with our beliefs of supporting sustainable and local produce.  

However, despite these thought provoking and habit changing exampless, we haven’t been able to meet our initial target of having these reflections weekly. This is still a high priority for us and although our schedules have been busy, we look forward to challenging ourselves and implementing more reflective practices into our remaining time at the MacHouses. 

I hope that this has inspired you to take some time to reflect on your new year and maybe even encourage you to expand your view, challenge your beliefs and even try a reflection of your own. 

Emma Lowe

Emma is the new Camas Kitchen resident, so you’ll find her meal prepping, organising seasonal veg and sharing her passion for cooking with the guests. Emma lived at Camas in 2022 from March to October as a volunteer and is so excited to be going back at the end of February as a resident member of staff after spending my winter in Glasgow with the MacHouse team.

Reflective activity at Camas photo credit: Jacob Lowe

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