New Members sitting in the Camas Round House.

Image: Sitting in the Camas round house as part of the New Members programme 2022. Credit: Iona Community/ K. Schmid

The Iona Community hallows, or welcomes and blesses, new Members each year in a worship service called ‘the Hallowing Service.’

At Hallowing Service each new Member makes a public commitment to the Rule of Life of the Iona Community, and is then blessed by the Leader.

At the same time, we also invite Members of the Iona Community, in the presence of God, friends and family to renew their commitment to the purpose and Rule of the Community.  

Each year on or around the 9th of June, St. Columba’s day, Associate Members are invited to recommit themselves to the purpose of the Iona Community. This year (2023) at the Hallowing Service, we will also invite all Associate Members to renew their commitment in the presence of the worldwide Iona Community. 

The Hallowing Service is followed by a celebratory meal all together, with Members, family and friends.

The journey to Hallowing

Crucial to the process of becoming a new Member of the Iona Community is a two-year discernment process. During these two years, new Members are accompanied by a team of experienced Members.

New Members experience a deepening sense of belonging as they become more involved in the life of the Iona Community through their new Member group gatherings, in their local Family Group and wider Regional groups.

Listen below to Jenni and Gillian describe their journey to Hallowing and what it means to them:

Find out more about membership

We would love to welcome you as a Member, Associate, or Friend of the Community. To find out more, take a look at our membership page
You’ll also learn about our life together on our social media channels. From time to time, we post on Facebook and Instagram.

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