Members of Council:

Convener – Marlene Finlayson (Highland)

Convener – Camas Committee – Mary Duncanson (Highland)

Convener – Communications & Fundraising – Kate Potts (Firth of Clyde)

Co-Convener – Iona Committee Alison Adam (Cumbria)

Co-Convener – Iona Committee Cara Riley (Cumbria)

Convener – Programme Committee – Tony Phelan (Thames Valley)

Jan Maasen (Netherlands)

John Dale (Wales)

Richard Sharples (Wales)

Isabel Sarle (Central Scotland)

In Attendance at Council, Non Voting Members

Associates Advisory Group Rep. – Rachel Hockey

Family Group Rep – Jenie Lismore

Leader – Peter Macdonald

Island Centres Director – Rosie Magee

Support Services Manager –Michael Marten

Mainland Staff Rep – Sandra Kramer / Pat Bennett

Islands Staff Rep –